Tickets track communication between individuals, but often your company’s real client is another company (or organization). Customers can be grouped into organizations to monitor their activity as a whole.

Organization Profiles

Use the ticket pane to view and manage organization profiles.

Ticket pane (organization view)

Click the 👪 tab in the ticket pane to see the organization’s profile.

To edit the organization’s profile, use the organization submenu:

Organization submenu
Organization submenu

Click the Organization ▾ heading to access additional actions.

Organization edit dialog
Edit organization dialog

The edit organization dialog.

Organization Stats

With organizations, you can answer questions like:

  • “How many tickets has this company had to file in the last 12 months?”

  • “How many tickets does this company have open right now?”

  • “How old is the oldest open ticket from this company?”

Ticket pane (organization view)

Click the 🏢 button in the ticket pane to see a detailed breakdown of the organization’s stats.