Shared Drafts


Share drafts for new or existing tickets with other agents of your group. Load, modify and safe an existing draft e.g. as QA process with colleagues.

This feature is optional; if you don’t see it in the menu, that means your administrator disabled this function. Administrators can learn more in our admin documentation.

Screenshot showing the sub menu of the Update button with macros and an option to save the draft

By using ^ next to the “Update” button Zammad will provide you with an option to save your draft (and thus share it) if the option is enabled.


🤓 Let’s be clear up front

Zammad technically has two draft functions:

  • shared draft (allow others to load the draft), and

  • user drafts.

Every time you change a tickets field, Zammad will safe this in your personal draft. You then can share this as a shared draft if you want to. User drafts are always available!

Handling drafts


☠️ Overwriting drafts is final

Zammad will warn you in case you’re going to overwrite an existing draft. This also applies to your personal draft in case you’re loading a shared draft.

Loading a shared draft, (adjusting and) updating the ticket with an article will cause Zammad to remove the shared draft.

This also applies if you’re sharing the draft before submitting! Zammad expects that the draft is no longer needed.

Load a draft
Screencast showing how to open the shared draft load dialogue within the ticket zoom

Loading a draft works the same starting from draft previews.

New Ticket dialogue

If you’re in a new ticket dialogue after selecting the ticket group, the 📝 button will indicate the shared drafts function to be available. The shared drafts tab is always hidden if no group is selected!

Screenshot highlighting the shared draft pane for new ticket dialogues
Existing tickets (Ticket zoom)

Within ticket zooms a button “📝 Draft available” will be shown if a draft has been shared by either you or another agent on the ticket.

Hovering over the button will tell you who has changed the draft last.

Screenshot highlighting the Draft available button within Ticket zoom
Remove draft

You can remove any draft (no matter if for new or existing tickets) from within the draft preview screen. Use the “Delete” link on the lower end of the dialogue. This has no effect on local drafts agents may have loaded already.

Screenshot highlighting the removal option in shared draft preview
Saving drafts
New ticket
Adding new drafts

To save a new shared draft, set the ticket settings, customer, ticket title and article as desired. Make sure to select a group that supports shared drafts.

If you’re ready to save the draft, click on 📝 on the right ticket pane, enter a meaning full name and click on the “Create” button.

Screencast showing how to save new ticket dialogues as a shared draft
Update existing drafts

In order to update or rename existing shared drafts for new tickets, simply load the draft in question. Change the information (e.g. ticket settings or content) needed and, if needed, update the drafts name on the right hand side of the ticket. This way you can not just update existing drafts, but also use existing drafts to create another copy!

Screencast showing how to rename / update existing shared drafts
Existing ticket

Use the ^ button next to the update button. If the group of the ticket (or in your selection) allows shared drafts, Zammad will provide the option “Save Draft”.

All current changes on the ticket (ticket settings, article and it’s attachments) will be saved to the shared draft.

When saving was successful, the button “📝 Draft available” will be shown.

Screencast showing how to save a shared draft within ticket zoom