Suggested Workflows

Sharing Work on a Ticket

When a ticket is complex enough, it may require attention from more than one agent (or even more than one department!).

In these cases, the simplest thing to do is usually just to take turns working on the ticket. (Splitting tickets is another option, best reserved for when a ticket really encompasses multiple problems, or when taking turns would needlessly block one agent’s progress.)

Reassigning tickets in the ticket pane

Reassign a ticket (via the Group and Owner settings) to let colleagues know you’re done with your part.

How it works

Suppose a call comes into the sales department. A sales rep takes the call, creates a ticket, and looks up some prices for the customer. After recording his notes, the rep then decides that this ticket needs to be passed onto customer service.

Our sales rep can simply un-assign himself has the owner of the ticket and re-assign the ticket to the Customer Service group. All customer service agents will be notified of the incoming ticket, and the first available agent can assign herself to pick up where the sales rep left off.


Be sure to leave notes with as much information as possible for the next agent!