Checking Your Stats

The dashboard is the first thing you’ll see after logging in. Monitor your productivity at a glance, compare your stats to the company average (in gray below your own), and see what everyone else is up to.

Sample view of Dashboard

Check the dashboard for a quick summary of your stats (updated every 30 minutes).


1. ∅ Waiting Time Today

How long has each customer had to wait, on average, to get a response from you today?

2. Mood

How many escalated tickets do you have open right now? (Mr. Bubbles gets grumpy if you have too many…)

3. Channel Distribution

Where are all your tickets coming from? (Shows tickets created in the last seven days, also sorted by inbound vs. outbound.)

4. Assigned

Out of all open tickets (company-wide), how many are currently assigned to you?

5. My Tickets in Process

What percentage of your tickets have you responded to or updated in the last 24 hours?

6. Reopening Rate

How many of your closed tickets have been re-opened in the last seven days?

7. Activity Stream

What’s everyone else on your team up to?