Mobile View

The need for a dedicated mobile view of Zammad arose from the ever-changing life on the go. Even though the desktop application might be responsive enough for small screens, it proved to be too cluttered and was simply not designed primarily for mobile devices.

By limiting the amount of information to only the most important, the mobile view strives to provide you, the user, with a more focused window into your daily tasks. All packaged in a touch-friendly and modern design with great user experience, of course!

Mobile View Login Screen

Login Screen

Mobile View Home Page

Home Page



We intentionally do not provide specific instructions and comprehensive documentation for the mobile view! The overall UX should be intuitive and self-explanatory in most cases.


Mobile view provides you with a way to do your common Zammad daily tasks while on the go:

  • Manage & use your ticket overviews

  • Search for existing records

  • Create a new ticket

  • Reply in an already existing ticket

  • Modify ticket attributes

  • Modify customer attributes

  • Modify organization attributes

Mobile view also has some exclusive features:

  • Innovative Zammad UX

  • Next-level accessibility

  • Ready for multi-device usage

  • Progressive web app (PWA) support


Mobile view is also currently missing some features which are provided by the desktop view:

  • Ticket Article Time Accounting

  • Ticket Article Split Action

  • Linked Tickets & Ticket Link Action

  • Ticket Macros

  • Ticket History

  • Ticket Create Templates & Shared Drafts

Additionally, certain features were intentionally omitted in order to improve the focus on important information:

  • Most Management Features (except ticket user and organization management)

  • Most Knowledge Base Features (except ticket integration)

  • Most User Profile Functions (except avatar and language preferences)

  • Reports

  • Caller Log

  • Live Chat


Zammad now implements a mobile device detection, which results in automatic redirection to mobile view. Even with this mechanism in place it’s possible to explicitly switch between the views by using app links:

Continue to desktop link in mobile view
Continue to Desktop Link on Login Screen

Login Screen

Continue to Desktop Link in User Account Overview

User Account Overview


Continue to mobile link in desktop view
Continue to Mobile Link in Desktop Login Screen

Login Screen

Continue to Mobile Link in Desktop User Menu

User Avatar Menu


Whenever an app link is used, the choice will be remembered by the user’s device and the next time the automatic redirection will behave accordingly.