Keyboard Shortcuts

Zammad supports a wide array of keyboard shortcuts to expedite your workflow as an expert user.

Keyboard shortcut cheat sheet

The keyboard shortcut cheat sheet on Windows.


🖱️ UI Protip

Click on your avatar at the bottom of the main menu to access the keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet.

User submenu

Alternately, bring it up with one of the shortcuts below (shortcut-ception!)

  • Ctrl + Shift + H (on Windows)

  • Ctrl + Shift + H (on Linux)

  • Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + H (on macOS)

Formatting Text

Keyboard shortcuts can be used to apply rich-text formatting in one of two ways:

  • Press Cmd + I to enter Italics mode,

  • enter your desired text, and

  • press Cmd + I again to return to normal text mode.

  • Enter your desired text,

  • click-and-drag with the mouse to select it, and

  • press Cmd + I to italicize.