Use the ticket pane to view and manage customer profiles.


Ticket pane (customer view)

Click the 👨 tab in the ticket pane to see the customer’s profile.

If the customer has other tickets too, you can see a summary when you hover over the open/closed labels:

Customer ticket summary (mouseover)

Hover over the open/closed labels to see a summary of the customer’s other tickets.

Editing a Customer

To edit the customer’s profile, use the customer submenu and select “Edit Customer”:

Customer submenu
Customer submenu

Click the Customer ▾ heading to access additional actions.

Customer edit dialog
Edit customer dialog

The edit customer dialog.

Most customer attributes are self-explanatory, but here are a couple that might confuse you:


Customers may (optionally) belong to organizationsskip ahead to learn more.

Secondary Organizations

Unlike organizations, you can add several organizations here that are not as highlighted. Still, the same behavior applies.


Like ticket priority, VIP status doesn’t actually do anything out-of-the-box, but an admin can set up automated system hooks based on this value, or use it as a filter for custom overviews.

Ask your administrator about how she’d like you to use this attribute (or just leave it alone).