Creating a Ticket

Zammad does its best to create tickets automatically when new customer issues come your way. But sometimes, there’s just no way for Zammad to know when an issue arrives – like when a customer calls on the phone.

In these cases, Zammad needs your help to create a new ticket.

New ticket dialog

Click the ➕ button to create a new ticket. The default ticket type is Received Call.

An agent can create three types of tickets:

Received Call

for issues initiated by a customer over the phone.

Outbound Call

for issues initiated by an agent over the phone.

Send Email

for issues initiated by an agent over email.

Filling Out the Form

Here’s a quick run-down of each input field in the New Ticket form:


The title of the ticket will be used as the subject line for all email correspondences.


When entering a customer, the autocomplete menu searches for email addresses only. You must select an option from the autocomplete menu, or else create a new customer.

You may not assign a ticket to more than one customer.

Customer autocomplete menu

Autocomplete can’t find customers by name.


🖱️ UI Protip

Once a customer has been selected, her profile will be accessible from the ticket pane.

Ticket pane (Customer view)

📞 For phone calls, record the details of your conversation. These notes will not be sent to the customer (though he may be able to see them if he has a Zammad account).

📧 For emails, this is the body of your outgoing message.


🖱️ UI Protip

  • The message editor supports 📋 copying-and-pasting (or dragging-and-dropping) of 🔤 rich text, 🌄 images and 📎 file attachments.

  • Use the built-in keyboard shortcuts to apply rich text formatting.

  • Use the 🗊 icon next to the ticket title to copy the ticket number to your clipboard (including ticket hook; e.g. Ticket#50071).

Ticket Settings


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