Search for TicketsΒΆ

Looking for an a specific ticket? Use the search bar:


Results appear immediately under the search bar as you type.ΒΆ

It’s not just for tickets! Results cover πŸ’¬ chat logs, πŸ‘¨ customers, and 🏒 organizations, too.

πŸ” Here are just a few of the places the search engine will look:

  • πŸ“ message subject/content

  • πŸ‘© recipient names & email addresses

  • πŸ“Ž text in file attachments (really!)

  • 🏷️ user/organization metadata (e.g., notes stored on customer profiles)

You can find a detailed search document in our Advanced Search page.


For detailed results, click the Show Search Details β†’ link just above the autocomplete list.ΒΆ


πŸ–±οΈ UI Protip

Click on column headings to change the display order.