Use the ticket pane to manage customer profiles.

Ticket pane (customer view)

Click the 👨 tab in the ticket pane to see the customer’s profile.


🖱️ UI Protip

Customer ticket summary (mouseover)

Hover over the open/closed labels to see a summary of the customer’s other tickets.

Editing a Customer

To edit the customer’s profile, use the customer submenu:

Customer submenu

Click the Customer ▾ heading to access additional actions.

Edit customer dialog

The edit customer dialog.

Most customer attributes are self-explanatory, but here are a couple that might confuse you:


Customers may (optionally) belong to organizationsskip ahead to learn more.


Like ticket priority, VIP status doesn’t actually do anything out-of-the-box, but an admin can set up automated system hooks based on this value, or use it as a filter for custom overviews.

Ask your administrator about how she’d like you to use this attribute (or just leave it alone).