Live Chat

Talk to customers in real time from the customer chat panel.

Sample view of Customer Chat
Chat controls
1. On/Off Enable/disable the chat panel. (When enabled, you will receive notifications for incoming chats.)
2. Waiting Customers Lists customers awaiting an agent for chat. Click to answer a pending chat request.
3. Chatting Customers Lists customers currently in an ongoing chat session.
4. Active Agents Lists all agents with chat enabled.
5. Settings Click for chat configuration options (e.g., auto-greetings and maximum number of simultaneous chats).
6. Count badge Displays the number of users in each section.
7. Info card Hover over for detailed information about the users in each section.


🤔 Huh? I don’t see “Customer Chat” in the menu…

This feature is optional; if you don’t see it in the main menu, that means your administrator hasn’t enabled it yet. Administrators can learn more here.


If all agents have the chat panel disabled, customers will not be able to initiate a chat.


  • 🔍 Use the search bar to pull up old chats from the archive anytime.

  • 📋 Copy & paste supports 🌄 inline images as well as plain text.

  • ⌨️ Live chat supports text modules.

  • 📝 Chats can be renamed or tagged, and record technical details about the customer’s connection.

    Chat details view

    Click on the title at the top of the chat window to edit chat details.

Creating a Ticket from a Chat

Once your chat is over, you can create a ticket for it with a single click:

Completed chat window

The Turn chat into ticket button appears as soon as the chat is finished.

New ticket view

A link to the chat is automatically included in the first note on the ticket.