The state of a ticket refers to its progress toward completion, and may be one of the following:

  • new
  • open
  • closed
  • pending close (i.e., scheduled to automatically close at a later date)
  • pending reminder (i.e., hidden, but scheduled to reappear at a later date)

What’s the difference between “new” and “open”?

States do more than just indicate progress: Zammad has a fine-grained time tracking feature (so-called “service-level agreements”, or SLAs) that uses state information to measure how long it takes for customers to get a response on a new ticket or get their issues resolved entirely.

On a new ticket, the customer still hasn’t received her first response on the issue.

On an open ticket, the customer has received an initial response, but the issue still hasn’t been resolved.


⏱️ Tickets in a pending state do not accumulate time toward their SLA limits.

So, for instance, a ticket may be marked pending reminder if it’s waiting on feedback from a third-party supplier who’s out of town until next week.