Ticket Settings

Use the ticket pane to manage a ticket’s settings:

Default ticket pane view

Click the button in the corner to hide the ticket pane. Click the 💬 tab to bring it back.


🚫 Some options may not be available if you do not have the required privileges.

Renaming a Ticket

To rename a ticket, simply click on the title and start typing.


Highlighting Ticket Text

Use the highlighter tool in the upper-righthand corner to mark up important text. (Your highlights are not visible to other agents.)

Ticket highlighter

Highlight by selecting text, then clicking the highlighter. Click again to undo.


🖱️ UI Protip

Additional actions are available via the submenu:

Ticket submenu

Click the Ticket ▾ heading to access additional actions.

See a comprehensive list of updates to the ticket, performed by any user, since its creation.
Migrate all messages/notes to another ticket (see Merging Tickets for details).
Change Customer
Reassign the ticket to another customer.