Browse for Tickets

Looking for a ticket to work on? Check the overviews menu.

Sample view of Overviews

Click Overviews in the main menu to browse tickets.


📥 Think of overviews as inboxes, each with a different filter for the tickets it displays.

There are six built-in overviews (Zammad admin may create more with custom-defined filters):

  • My assigned tickets (open/pending only)
  • Unassigned & Open
  • My pending reached tickets (previously marked pending and currently due)
  • Open (system-wide)
  • Pending reached (system-wide, previously marked pending and currently due)
  • Escalated (system-wide, failing to meet a service-level agreement)


🖱️ UI Protip

  • Click on column headings to change the display order.

  • Click-and-drag column dividers to adjust their width.

  • Ticket states are color-coded:

    Postponed (Marked as pending; no immediate action required.)
    New / Open (Ready for action.)
    Escalated (Requires urgent attention.)